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We present you with the cases of Hyundai Energy Solution
that leads the solar energy industry.

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Hyundai Energy Solutions completes 750MW solar smart factory in Eumseong

Hyundai Energy Solutions' solar smart factory / Courtesy of Hyundai Energy Solutions Hyundai Energy Solutions, a solar energy unit of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, has completed the construction of the solar smart factory, which will have a total production capacity of 1.35 GW solar modules.Hyundai Energy Solutions announced on July 14 that it has expanded its 750MW solar module plant in Eumseong, North Chungcheong Province, and will start mass-producing new super-powered products from early August. By doing so, production capacity will more than double that of the previous 600MW. The new plant, which was completed this time, will introduce state-of-the-art smart systems and unmanned automated robots to manage and analyze the history and quality of all processes from warehousing of raw materials to final product production.In particular, the production efficiency was increased by about 20% by automating the logistics system, and the process defect rate was improved to near zero by applying the advanced Manufacturing Execution System, which monitors the status and operation of various equipment in real time. At its new plant, South Korea's first large-area (M6:166mm×166mm) solar modules that were developed last year will be produced. This product is the highest-demand high-power, high-efficiency product in the current market, with a maximum output of 450W and conversion efficiency of 20.7%, and in the case of two-sided models, additional development of up to 25% is possible. Hyundai Energy Solutions, which entered the solar energy business in 2004, has a certified solar energy testing laboratory designated by UL of the U.S. and VDE of Germany, and is solidifying its position as a PV total solution provider by expanding solar solution business using various types of solar modules, including water solar energy. "With the introduction of this smart factory, we are able to produce more efficient and high-quality products," a Hyundai Energy Solution official said. "We will continue to develop technologies and make additional investments depending on customer needs and market changes."Korea IT Times( ​


Why Hyundai?

Hyundai Energy Solutions is an internationally recognized top company in Korea,
the United States, Europe, etc. and is operating its business, with the goal of becoming a global solar solution company.

PV Total Solution Provider

Hyundai Energy Solutions produces and supplies world-class solar cells and modules through continuous investment in R&D and expansion in cutting-edge production facilities, and we lead the solar energy industry by providing various solutions, such as floatovoltaics, agrivoltaics, Smart Solar City, etc.

Appointed as a certified UL/VDE test laboratory

Hyundai Energy Solutions Research Institute is a certified solar test laboratory appointed by UL and VED, international certification institutions, and guarantees the best quality in the world through rigorous product testing.

Outstanding Durability

The specialized module design by Hyundai Energy Solutions boasts unfaltering durability in harsh conditions with a high level of ammonia and salt, including heavy snow and gusts.

Reliable Company

Hyundai Energy Solutions, a global company recognized and trusted by the entire world, assures high quality and after-sales service for customers.

Hyundai Energy Solutions
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